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Batavia green and black tea boxes

Welcome to Batavia Tea

From Nature to You

We at Batavia Tea are committed to providing you with only the highest quality of tea at a competitive price.  We hope to educate you and provide you with all you need to make an excellent beverage time after time. 

To begin we provide you with a whole, 100% pure, all natural product.  That’s right – the only ingredient you will find in any of Batavia’s products is 100% Tea.  So, whether you’re enjoying a cup of black or green tea, you can rest assured that that’s all you’re drinking.

Batavia Tea brings the highest quality of tea to a regular tea bag, for you to enjoy.  What makes our tea better?  We process our tea with two methods, CTC and Orthodox (see link for more info.) which yields the perfect cup of tea for you to enjoy.  It is strong, but not the least bit bitter and full bodied with a “Smooth” taste you will love.