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Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

Medicinal qualities have been ascribed to tea for thousands of years.  Like all plants, tea possesses particular properties:  modern science is beginning to make use of the traditional beliefs in the benefits of drinking tea.

The Chinese have benefited from tea’s pharmacological properties since (206 B.C. – A.D. 220); they drank it to counteract fatigue, uplift spirits, fortify willpower and improve eyesight.

Since then researchers have discovered the presence of theine and theophylline, accounting for tea’s specific stimulant and diuretic effects; flavonoids, which reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure; as well as pre-tannins, fluoride, antiseptics and vitamin C .  Tea’s beneficial qualities are universally acknowledged.

Both Black and Green Tea are rich in antioxidants, which protect healthy cells from damage-causing free radicals, which are unstable molecules thought to contribute to cancer and heart disease.

Green Tea contains Polyphenol which researchers believe kill bacteria, cancer cells and viruses.

Researchers have also concluded that green tea is a fantastic dietary supplement as it raises you metabolism without raising your heart rate (see your physician before beginning any new diet).

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