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From Nature to You

Batavia Tea is plucked by hand at our plantations in Indonesia.  Immediately after it is plucked, it is processed, and packaged.  This process takes approximately three weeks to a month.  This provides you, the consumer, with one of the freshest, highest quality products on the market. 
Each batch of tea is tasted by our trained professionals to make sure it meets our strict criteria.  Albert, founder of Batavia Tea, is a native Indonesian.  His knowledge of tea and connections abroad give Batavia a competitive edge.  The Batavia staff in Jakarta, Indonesia frequent the plantations on a regular basis and have an ongoing relationship with the people at every level of production.  These vital relationships ensure that the quality and consistency of Batavia Tea is always maintained to the highest degree.

Old Fashioned Harvesting

Gatherers of Batavia Tea perform the task of leaf picking several thousand times a day, plucking the uppermost leaves and tossing them into a wicker basket with an un-surpassing gentleness and expertise. The human element is a vital part in producing high quality tea.  Machines cannot determine which leaf is ready for harvest.  Although more time consuming, we feel it absolutely necessary to maintain the quality of product we demand. 

What Makes Batavia Teas Unique

From the time it is gathered until it is packaged takes approximately three weeks.  This ensures the freshest product possible. It is not blended with lower quality teas or other fillers.  It comes only from our fertile gardens in Indonesia.  The only ingredient is 100% pure tea. Batavia Teas are steamed, not pan fried.  Pan frying leaves tea with a burnt taste.  If you are further interested in how we process Batavia Tea contact us directly at: customerservice@bataviatea.com